Brookfield Glass Company

Electrical Insulator

Manufactured in the late 1800's, Brookfield Glass made over 100 different types of electrical insulators for several different telephone and telegraph companies.  The piece of sea glass is a worn portion of the interior threaded part of one of these insulators.  It was found in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

New England Glass Company

1840's Wine Bottle

A "Bordeaux" or "Claret" style wine bottle with a large push-up or kick-up.  Common reasons for the kick-up include added strength and stability, as well as trapping sediments in the contents.  It was not likely a means of reducing content volume.  The sea glass kick-up was found in Dunoon, Scotland. 

Here are donated pieces of sea glass and the history behind them.

Specialty Glass Company

Glass Pistol

Headquartered in East Liverpool, Ohio, The Specialty Glass Company produced a solid handle, hollow body pistol candy holder from 1880's to 1920's. Westmoreland Glass Company bought the molds in the 1920's and started producing solid glass pistols for decorative purposes.  The sea glass pistol handle piece is believed to be one produced by Specialty Glass because Westmoreland Glass did not produce a clear colored pistol.  The sea glass piece was found on the shore of Lake Erie at Whisky Island, outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

General Electric

Vitrite or Black Glass

This type of glass is a slag glass that is commonly used as an electrical insulator, most commonly used in the base of light bulbs. This substance consisted mainly of ground glass along with copious amounts of lead oxide and manganese oxide, the latter being responsible for the dark purple color. General Electric used this glass while making light bulbs in their plant located on Lake Erie in Conneaut, Ohio. This plant was in operation from 1941 to 2008. Along that area of the lake chunks of this glass, in varying shapes and sizes, can be found. Although the light bulb insulator pieces can be found anywhere, the chunks of vitrite glass are found on the shores of Lake Erie near where the plant operated. Our large chunk, the size of a tennis ball, came from Conneaut while our lightbulb insulators were found in Southern Maine.


Anchor Hocking

Royal Ruby Glass

Royal Ruby Glass made by Anchor Hocking between 1950 and 1963 for Schlitz Brewing. The number 50 on the bottle bottom indicates it was made in 1950. The piece of sea glass was found in Maine near Bug Light in South Portland.