$15.00 donation

Receive this collection box for the first time sea glass collector.  There are 15 compartments to fill.  This item is in stock and ready to ship.  Shipping for this item is $3.00.

$20.00 donation

Receive a T-Shirt with our logo.  If you do not see the size you would like, please email us.  We have a few XXL and children sizes too.  The quantities are too small to add them to the site. This item is in stock and ready to ship.  Shipping for this item is $3.00.


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Do you have a collection of sea glass collecting dust somewhere in your basement?  Why not donate it to The Sea Glass Center?  We will not only put your collection to good use in our museum exhibit, but you will get a tax deduction for your donation.  Upon receipt of you donation, we will value the collection and send you a letter for income tax purposes with the fair market value of your donation.  We will also send you a small token of our appreciation.  When you send us your sea glass, please let us know your name and how you acquired the sea glass.  If possible, please let us know where it was found and any other information you may have that might help us to identify what the sea glass came from.

The Sea Glass Center

$7.00 donation

Receive a Sea Glass Rarity Chart.  The front has this beautiful graphic and the reverse side has information on the rarity of sea glass.  This item is in stock and ready to ship.  Shipping for this item is free.


$16.00 donation

Receive an Official Sea Glass Center UV Flashlight to check your collection for rare uranium and vaseline glass that fluoresces under ultraviolet light.  This item is in stock and ready to ship. Shipping for this item is free.