We are a group of individuals who have been collecting sea and beach glass for decades!  We look for it, we make stuff out of it, we talk about it, we research where it may have come from... we live it! There is nothing more cathartic than walking along a beach, listening to the waves, birds... while searching for treasures that have washed up onto the shore.  The picture on this page shows just a few of the many, many treasures we have found over the years.  Year after year, however, we are finding that sea glass is getting harder and harder to find due to a few reasons:

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  • People are recycling more and more (yes this is a good thing for the world and we are not against it)
  • Plastic is being used much more than glass these days.  For instance, decades ago, thousands upon thousands of Coca Cola bottles were ending up in our waters, being broken down and polished by the surf and ending up on the beach (and in our collections).  Now Coca Cola uses plastic bottles...
  • More and more people have discovered sea glass!  Years ago, you'd maybe find one or two other beach combers searching for the same treasure, but nowadays, it's not uncommon to be elbow to elbow with a dozen others fighting for that one piece of red that catches your (and everyone else's) eye.
  • Companies aren't producing such ornate pieces of glass or bottles for perfumes, dishes, even medicines any more.  It's just not economical.  

To that end, we feel we must preserve the history and beauty of sea glass so that our children's children, and their children... can enjoy it and learn from it.  Please join us in this quest!

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We are serious about sea glass!